SymEngine::ComplexVisitor Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ComplexVisitor (const Assumptions *assumptions)
void bvisit (const Basic &x)
void bvisit (const Symbol &x)
void bvisit (const Number &x)
void bvisit (const Integer &x)
void bvisit (const Rational &x)
void bvisit (const Set &x)
void bvisit (const Relational &x)
void bvisit (const Boolean &x)
void bvisit (const Constant &x)
void bvisit (const Add &x)
void bvisit (const Mul &x)
void bvisit (const Pow &x)
void bvisit (const Cos &x)
void bvisit (const Sin &x)
void bvisit (const ASin &x)
void bvisit (const ACos &x)
void bvisit (const ATan &x)
void bvisit (const ATanh &x)
void bvisit (const ACot &x)
void bvisit (const ACoth &x)
void bvisit (const Sinh &x)
void bvisit (const Cosh &x)
void bvisit (const Tan &x)
void bvisit (const Cot &x)
void bvisit (const Sec &x)
void bvisit (const ASec &x)
void bvisit (const ASech &x)
void bvisit (const Csc &x)
void bvisit (const ACsc &x)
void bvisit (const ACsch &x)
void bvisit (const Log &x)
void bvisit (const Sign &x)
void bvisit (const Floor &x)
void bvisit (const Ceiling &x)
void bvisit (const Abs &x)
void bvisit (const Conjugate &x)
void bvisit (const KroneckerDelta &x)
tribool apply (const Basic &b)

Private Member Functions

void check_power (const Basic &base, const Basic &exp)
void complex_arg_not_zero (const OneArgFunction &x, const Basic &not_zero)
void complex_arg_not_pm (const OneArgFunction &x, bool one)

Private Attributes

tribool is_complex_
const Assumptionsassumptions_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 256 of file test_visitors.h.

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