SymEngine::Conjugate Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void accept (Visitor &v) const override
void accept (EvalRealDoubleVisitorFinal &v) const override
 Conjugate (const RCP< const Basic > &arg)
 Conjugate constructor.
bool is_canonical (const RCP< const Basic > &arg) const
RCP< const Basiccreate (const RCP< const Basic > &arg) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SymEngine::OneArgFunction
 OneArgFunction (const RCP< const Basic > &arg)
 The arg in OneArgFunction(arg) More...
hash_t __hash__ () const override
RCP< const Basicget_arg () const
vec_basic get_args () const override
 Returns the list of arguments.
RCP< const Basiccreate (const vec_basic &b) const
bool __eq__ (const Basic &o) const override
int compare (const Basic &o) const override
 Structural equality comparator.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SymEngine::Basic
TypeID get_type_code () const
 Basic ()
 Basic (const Basic &)=delete
 Delete the copy constructor and assignment.
Basicoperator= (const Basic &)=delete
 Assignment operator in continuation with above.
 Basic (Basic &&)=delete
 Delete the move constructor and assignment.
Basicoperator= (Basic &&)=delete
 Assignment operator in continuation with above.
hash_t hash () const
bool __neq__ (const Basic &o) const
 true if this is not equal to o. More...
int __cmp__ (const Basic &o) const
 Comparison operator.
std::string __str__ () const
std::string dumps () const
 Returns a string of the instance serialized.
RCP< const Basicsubs (const map_basic_basic &subs_dict) const
 Substitutes 'subs_dict' into 'self'.
RCP< const Basicxreplace (const map_basic_basic &subs_dict) const
virtual RCP< const Basicexpand_as_exp () const
 expands the special function in terms of exp function
RCP< const Basicdiff (const RCP< const Symbol > &x, bool cache=true) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SymEngine::EnableRCPFromThis< Basic >
RCP< Basicrcp_from_this ()
 Get RCP<T> pointer to self (it will cast the pointer to T)
RCP< const Basicrcp_from_this () const
 Get RCP<const T> pointer to self (it will cast the pointer to const T)
RCP< const T2 > rcp_from_this_cast () const
 Get RCP<T2> pointer to self (it will cast the pointer to T2)
unsigned int use_count () const

Static Public Attributes

static const TypeID type_code_id = SYMENGINE_CONJUGATE

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SymEngine::Basic
static RCP< const Basicloads (const std::string &)
 Creates an instance of a serialized string.
- Data Fields inherited from SymEngine::Basic
TypeID type_code_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 248 of file functions.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

RCP< const Basic > SymEngine::Conjugate::create ( const RCP< const Basic > &  arg) const
Canonicalized conjugate

Implements SymEngine::OneArgFunction.

Definition at line 144 of file functions.cpp.

145 {
146  return conjugate(arg);
147 }
RCP< const Basic > conjugate(const RCP< const Basic > &arg)
Canonicalize Conjugate.
Definition: functions.cpp:149

◆ is_canonical()

bool SymEngine::Conjugate::is_canonical ( const RCP< const Basic > &  arg) const
true if canonical

Definition at line 98 of file functions.cpp.

99 {
100  if (is_a_Number(*arg)) {
101  if (eq(*arg, *ComplexInf)) {
102  return true;
103  }
104  return false;
105  }
106  if (is_a<Constant>(*arg)) {
107  return false;
108  }
109  if (is_a<Mul>(*arg)) {
110  return false;
111  }
112  if (is_a<Pow>(*arg)) {
113  if (is_a<Integer>(*down_cast<const Pow &>(*arg).get_exp())) {
114  return false;
115  }
116  }
117  // OneArgFunction classes
118  if (is_a<Sign>(*arg) or is_a<Conjugate>(*arg) or is_a<Erf>(*arg)
119  or is_a<Erfc>(*arg) or is_a<Gamma>(*arg) or is_a<LogGamma>(*arg)
120  or is_a<Abs>(*arg)) {
121  return false;
122  }
123  if (is_a<Sin>(*arg) or is_a<Cos>(*arg) or is_a<Tan>(*arg) or is_a<Cot>(*arg)
124  or is_a<Sec>(*arg) or is_a<Csc>(*arg)) {
125  return false;
126  }
127  if (is_a<Sinh>(*arg) or is_a<Cosh>(*arg) or is_a<Tanh>(*arg)
128  or is_a<Coth>(*arg) or is_a<Sech>(*arg) or is_a<Csch>(*arg)) {
129  return false;
130  }
131  // TwoArgFunction classes
132  if (is_a<KroneckerDelta>(*arg) or is_a<ATan2>(*arg)
133  or is_a<LowerGamma>(*arg) or is_a<UpperGamma>(*arg)
134  or is_a<Beta>(*arg)) {
135  return false;
136  }
137  // MultiArgFunction class
138  if (is_a<LeviCivita>(*arg)) {
139  return false;
140  }
141  return true;
142 }
bool is_a_Number(const Basic &b)
Definition: number.h:130
bool eq(const Basic &a, const Basic &b)
Checks equality for a and b
Definition: basic-inl.h:21

Field Documentation

◆ type_code_id

const TypeID SymEngine::Conjugate::type_code_id = SYMENGINE_CONJUGATE

Type_code_id shared by all instances

Definition at line 251 of file functions.h.

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