SymEngine::FuncArgTracker Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 FuncArgTracker (const std::vector< std::pair< RCP< const Basic >, vec_basic >> &funcs)
template<typename Container >
vec_basic get_args_in_value_order (Container &argset)
unsigned get_or_add_value_number (RCP< const Basic > value)
void stop_arg_tracking (unsigned func_i)
std::map< unsigned, unsigned > get_common_arg_candidates (std::set< unsigned > &argset, unsigned min_func_i)
template<typename Container1 , typename Container2 >
std::vector< unsigned > get_subset_candidates (const Container1 &argset, const Container2 &restrict_to_funcset)
void update_func_argset (unsigned func_i, const std::vector< unsigned > &new_args)

Data Fields

std::unordered_map< RCP< const Basic >, unsigned, RCPBasicHash, RCPBasicKeyEqvalue_numbers
vec_basic value_number_to_value
std::vector< std::set< unsigned > > arg_to_funcset
std::vector< std::set< unsigned > > func_to_argset

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file cse.cpp.

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