SymEngine::ExpandVisitor Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ExpandVisitor (bool deep_=true)
RCP< const Basicapply (const Basic &b)
void bvisit (const Basic &x)
void bvisit (const Number &x)
void bvisit (const Add &self)
void bvisit (const Mul &self)
void mul_expand_two (const RCP< const Basic > &a, const RCP< const Basic > &b)
void square_expand (umap_basic_num &base_dict)
void pow_expand (umap_basic_num &base_dict, unsigned n)
void bvisit (const Pow &self)
void _coef_dict_add_term (const RCP< const Number > &c, const RCP< const Basic > &term)

Private Member Functions

RCP< const Basicexpand_if_deep (const RCP< const Basic > &expr)

Private Attributes

umap_basic_num d_
RCP< const Numbercoeff = zero
RCP< const Numbermultiply = one
bool deep

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file expand.cpp.

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