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SymEngine::BasicToMIntPoly Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 BasicToMIntPoly (const set_basic &gens)
void bvisit (const Rational &x)
void dict_set (vec_uint pow, const Basic &x)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SymEngine::BasicToMPolyBase< MIntPoly, BasicToMIntPoly >
 BasicToMPolyBase (const set_basic &gens_)
Dict apply (const Basic &b)
void dict_set (Vec pow, const Basic &x)
void bvisit (const Pow &x)
void bvisit (const Add &x)
void bvisit (const Mul &x)
void bvisit (const Integer &x)
void bvisit (const Basic &x)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SymEngine::BasicToMPolyBase< MIntPoly, BasicToMIntPoly >
using Dict = typename P::container_type
using Vec = typename Dict::vec_type
- Data Fields inherited from SymEngine::BasicToMPolyBase< MIntPoly, BasicToMIntPoly >
Dict dict
set_basic gens
std::unordered_map< RCP< const Basic >, vec_basic, RCPBasicHash, RCPBasicKeyEqgens_pow
umap_basic_uint gens_map

Detailed Description

Definition at line 481 of file basic_conversions.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BasicToMIntPoly()

SymEngine::BasicToMIntPoly::BasicToMIntPoly ( const set_basic gens)

Definition at line 487 of file basic_conversions.h.

487: BasicToMPolyBase(gens) {}

Member Function Documentation

◆ bvisit()

void SymEngine::BasicToMIntPoly::bvisit ( const Rational x)

Definition at line 489 of file basic_conversions.h.

490 {
491 throw SymEngineException("Non-integer found");
492 }

◆ dict_set()

void SymEngine::BasicToMIntPoly::dict_set ( vec_uint  pow,
const Basic x 

Definition at line 494 of file basic_conversions.h.

495 {
496 if (is_a<const Integer>(x))
497 dict = MIntPoly::container_from_dict(
498 gens,
499 {{pow, down_cast<const Integer &>(x).as_integer_class()}});
500 else
501 throw SymEngineException("Non-integer found");
502 }
void hash_combine(hash_t &seed, const T &v)
Definition basic-inl.h:95
T pow(T... args)

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