SymEngine::fmpq_poly_wrapper Class Reference

Public Types

typedef fmpq_wrapper internal_coef_type

Public Member Functions

 fmpq_poly_wrapper (int i)
 fmpq_poly_wrapper (const char *cp)
 fmpq_poly_wrapper (const mpz_t z)
 fmpq_poly_wrapper (const mpq_t q)
 fmpq_poly_wrapper (const fmpq_wrapper &q)
 fmpq_poly_wrapper (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &other)
 fmpq_poly_wrapper (fmpq_poly_wrapper &&other)
fmpq_poly_wrapperoperator= (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &other)
fmpq_poly_wrapperoperator= (fmpq_poly_wrapper &&other)
const fmpq_poly_t * get_fmpq_poly_t () const
fmpq_poly_t * get_fmpq_poly_t ()
std::string to_string () const
long degree () const
long length () const
void set_coeff (unsigned int n, const fmpq_wrapper &z)
fmpq_wrapper eval (const fmpq_wrapper &z) const
fmpq_wrapper get_coeff (unsigned int deg) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper mullow (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &o, unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper pow (unsigned int n) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper derivative () const
fmpq_poly_wrapper integral () const
fmpq_poly_wrapper inv_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper revert_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper log_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper exp_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper sin_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper cos_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper tan_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper asin_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper atan_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper sinh_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper cosh_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper tanh_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper asinh_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper atanh_series (unsigned int prec) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper subs (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &o, unsigned int prec) const
void set_zero ()
void set_one ()
bool operator== (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &o) const
bool operator< (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &o) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper operator- () const
void divrem (fmpq_poly_wrapper &q, fmpq_poly_wrapper &r, const fmpq_poly_wrapper &b) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper gcd (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &other) const
fmpq_poly_wrapper lcm (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &other) const
void operator+= (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &o)
void operator-= (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &o)
void operator*= (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &o)

Private Attributes

fmpq_poly_t poly


fmpq_poly_wrapper operator+ (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &a, const fmpq_poly_wrapper &o)
fmpq_poly_wrapper operator- (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &a, const fmpq_poly_wrapper &o)
fmpq_poly_wrapper operator* (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &a, const fmpq_wrapper &q)
fmpq_poly_wrapper operator* (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &a, const fmpq_poly_wrapper &o)
fmpq_poly_wrapper operator/ (const fmpq_poly_wrapper &a, const fmpq_wrapper &q)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 689 of file flint_wrapper.h.

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