SymEngine::GaloisFieldDict Class Reference
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Data Structures

struct  DictLess

Public Member Functions

 GaloisFieldDict (GaloisFieldDict &&other) SYMENGINE_NOEXCEPT
 GaloisFieldDict (const int &i, const integer_class &mod)
 GaloisFieldDict (const map_uint_mpz &p, const integer_class &mod)
 GaloisFieldDict (const integer_class &i, const integer_class &mod)
 GaloisFieldDict (const GaloisFieldDict &)=default
GaloisFieldDictoperator= (const GaloisFieldDict &)=default
void gf_div (const GaloisFieldDict &o, const Ptr< GaloisFieldDict > &quo, const Ptr< GaloisFieldDict > &rem) const
GaloisFieldDict gf_lshift (const integer_class n) const
void gf_rshift (const integer_class n, const Ptr< GaloisFieldDict > &quo, const Ptr< GaloisFieldDict > &rem) const
GaloisFieldDict gf_sqr () const
GaloisFieldDict gf_pow (const unsigned long n) const
void gf_monic (integer_class &res, const Ptr< GaloisFieldDict > &monic) const
GaloisFieldDict gf_gcd (const GaloisFieldDict &o) const
GaloisFieldDict gf_lcm (const GaloisFieldDict &o) const
GaloisFieldDict gf_diff () const
integer_class gf_eval (const integer_class &a) const
vec_integer_class gf_multi_eval (const vec_integer_class &v) const
bool gf_is_sqf () const
std::vector< std::pair< GaloisFieldDict, unsigned > > gf_sqf_list () const
GaloisFieldDict gf_sqf_part () const
GaloisFieldDict gf_compose_mod (const GaloisFieldDict &g, const GaloisFieldDict &h) const
std::vector< GaloisFieldDictgf_frobenius_monomial_base () const
GaloisFieldDict gf_pow_mod (const GaloisFieldDict &f, const unsigned long &n) const
GaloisFieldDict gf_frobenius_map (const GaloisFieldDict &g, const std::vector< GaloisFieldDict > &b) const
std::pair< GaloisFieldDict, GaloisFieldDictgf_trace_map (const GaloisFieldDict &a, const GaloisFieldDict &b, const GaloisFieldDict &c, const unsigned long &n) const
GaloisFieldDict _gf_trace_map (const GaloisFieldDict &f, const unsigned long &n, const std::vector< GaloisFieldDict > &b) const
std::vector< std::pair< GaloisFieldDict, unsigned > > gf_ddf_zassenhaus () const
GaloisFieldDict _gf_pow_pnm1d2 (const GaloisFieldDict &f, const unsigned &n, const std::vector< GaloisFieldDict > &b) const
GaloisFieldDict gf_random (const unsigned int &n_val, mp_randstate &state) const
std::set< GaloisFieldDict, DictLessgf_edf_zassenhaus (const unsigned &n) const
std::vector< std::pair< GaloisFieldDict, unsigned > > gf_ddf_shoup () const
std::set< GaloisFieldDict, DictLessgf_edf_shoup (const unsigned &n) const
std::set< GaloisFieldDict, DictLessgf_zassenhaus () const
std::set< GaloisFieldDict, DictLessgf_shoup () const
std::pair< integer_class, std::set< std::pair< GaloisFieldDict, unsigned >, DictLess > > gf_factor () const
GaloisFieldDictoperator= (GaloisFieldDict &&other) SYMENGINE_NOEXCEPT
GaloisFieldDictoperator+= (const GaloisFieldDict &other)
GaloisFieldDictoperator+= (const integer_class &other)
GaloisFieldDict operator- () const
GaloisFieldDictnegate ()
GaloisFieldDictoperator-= (const integer_class &other)
GaloisFieldDictoperator-= (const GaloisFieldDict &other)
GaloisFieldDictoperator*= (const integer_class &other)
GaloisFieldDictoperator*= (const GaloisFieldDict &other)
GaloisFieldDictoperator/= (const integer_class &other)
GaloisFieldDictoperator/= (const GaloisFieldDict &other)
GaloisFieldDictoperator%= (const integer_class &other)
GaloisFieldDictoperator%= (const GaloisFieldDict &other)
bool operator== (const GaloisFieldDict &other) const
bool operator!= (const GaloisFieldDict &other) const
size_t size () const
bool empty () const
unsigned degree () const
const std::vector< integer_class > & get_dict () const
void gf_istrip ()
bool is_one () const
integer_class get_coeff (unsigned int x) const

Static Public Member Functions

static GaloisFieldDict from_vec (const std::vector< integer_class > &v, const integer_class &modulo)
static GaloisFieldDict mul (const GaloisFieldDict &a, const GaloisFieldDict &b)
static GaloisFieldDict pow (const GaloisFieldDict &a, unsigned int p)

Data Fields

std::vector< integer_class > dict_
integer_class modulo_


template<typename T >
GaloisFieldDict operator+ (const GaloisFieldDict &a, const T &b)
template<typename T >
GaloisFieldDict operator- (const GaloisFieldDict &a, const T &b)
GaloisFieldDict operator* (const GaloisFieldDict &a, const GaloisFieldDict &b)
template<class T >
GaloisFieldDict operator/ (const GaloisFieldDict &a, const T &b)
template<class T >
GaloisFieldDict operator% (const GaloisFieldDict &a, const T &b)

Detailed Description

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