Here we will discuss the different methods of interacting with the symengine library. This effectively involves two main options:

  • Core C++ library

  • Library Bindings

    • Python

    • Julia

We will start with a discussion on replicating the Jupyter setup which is used for the Binder interactive samples on the website.

Jupyter Setup

This is the simplest aspect of this guide, as it is automated and requires only miniconda, which can be obtained here1. Once this is obtained and activated, the setup involves a setup and update step.

# First run
conda env create -f symedocs.yml
# On pulls and syncs
conda env update -f symedocs.yml
# Activate
conda activate symedocs

At this stage we can now load the Jupyter environment to run the tutorials.


Note that due to a version mismatch with RabbitMQ, we can’t use Anaconda