Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main use-cases?

There are is a growing list of projects which use SymEngine. However, mostly this is used for:

  • Code Generation

  • Optimization

  • Providing an efficient backend for other languages

What does this have to do with SymPy?

SymEngine has a different structure (organizational and financial). However, there are many developers in common, and sympy is able to use symengine as a back-end.

What about Eigen / Armadillo / XTensor?

These are numerical libraries, they require explicit formulation of equations, and due to the finite representation of digits on computers, they are prone to numerical errors.

How do I convert my Eigen / Armadillo / Xtensor code?

There should not be any need to do so. If a symbolic library is required it should be clear at the ideation phase. If inheriting legacy code which needs to be converted, it should be done in terms of the underlying C++ data structures.