visitor.h File Reference
#include <symengine/polys/uintpoly_flint.h>
#include <symengine/polys/uintpoly_piranha.h>
#include <symengine/polys/uexprpoly.h>
#include <symengine/polys/msymenginepoly.h>
#include <symengine/polys/uratpoly.h>
#include <symengine/complex_mpc.h>
#include <symengine/series_generic.h>
#include <symengine/series_piranha.h>
#include <symengine/series_flint.h>
#include <symengine/sets.h>
#include <symengine/fields.h>
#include <symengine/logic.h>
#include <symengine/infinity.h>
#include <symengine/nan.h>
#include <symengine/matrix.h>
#include <symengine/ntheory_funcs.h>
#include <symengine/symengine_casts.h>
#include <symengine/tuple.h>
#include <symengine/matrix_expressions.h>
#include "symengine/"
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Data Structures

class  SymEngine::Visitor
class  SymEngine::BaseVisitor< Derived, Base >
class  SymEngine::StopVisitor
class  SymEngine::LocalStopVisitor
class  SymEngine::HasSymbolVisitor
class  SymEngine::CoeffVisitor
class  SymEngine::TransformVisitor
struct  SymEngine::is_base_of_multiple< Derived, First, Rest >
struct  SymEngine::is_base_of_multiple< Derived, First >
class  SymEngine::AtomsVisitor< Args >
class  SymEngine::CountOpsVisitor


 Main namespace for SymEngine package.


#define SYMENGINE_ENUM(TypeID, Class)   virtual void visit(const Class &) = 0;
#define SYMENGINE_ENUM(TypeID, Class)


void SymEngine::preorder_traversal (const Basic &b, Visitor &v)
void SymEngine::postorder_traversal (const Basic &b, Visitor &v)
void SymEngine::preorder_traversal_stop (const Basic &b, StopVisitor &v)
void SymEngine::postorder_traversal_stop (const Basic &b, StopVisitor &v)
void SymEngine::preorder_traversal_local_stop (const Basic &b, LocalStopVisitor &v)
bool SymEngine::has_symbol (const Basic &b, const Basic &x)
RCP< const Basic > SymEngine::coeff (const Basic &b, const Basic &x, const Basic &n)
set_basic SymEngine::free_symbols (const Basic &b)
set_basic SymEngine::free_symbols (const MatrixBase &m)
set_basic SymEngine::function_symbols (const Basic &b)
template<typename... Args>
set_basic SymEngine::atoms (const Basic &b)
unsigned SymEngine::count_ops (const vec_basic &a)

Detailed Description

Class Visitor

Definition in file visitor.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define SYMENGINE_ENUM (   TypeID,
virtual void visit(const Class &x) \
{ \
down_cast<Derived *>(this)->bvisit(x); \

Definition at line 68 of file visitor.h.