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pow.h File Reference
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Data Structures

class  SymEngine::Pow


namespace  SymEngine
 Main namespace for SymEngine package.


RCP< const BasicSymEngine::pow (const RCP< const Basic > &a, const RCP< const Basic > &b)
RCP< const BasicSymEngine::exp (const RCP< const Basic > &x)
 Returns the natural exponential function E**x = pow(E, x)
void SymEngine::multinomial_coefficients (unsigned m, unsigned n, map_vec_uint &r)
void SymEngine::multinomial_coefficients_mpz (unsigned m, unsigned n, map_vec_mpz &r)
RCP< const BasicSymEngine::pow_expand (const RCP< const Pow > &self)
 Expand the power expression.
RCP< const BasicSymEngine::sqrt (const RCP< const Basic > &arg)
RCP< const BasicSymEngine::cbrt (const RCP< const Basic > &arg)

Detailed Description

Power Class

Definition in file pow.h.