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expression.h File Reference
#include <symengine/add.h>
#include <symengine/pow.h>
#include <symengine/symbol.h>
#include <symengine/complex_double.h>
#include <symengine/eval_double.h>
#include <symengine/printers.h>
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Data Structures

class  SymEngine::Expression


namespace  SymEngine
 Main namespace for SymEngine package.


RCP< const Basic > SymEngine::diff (const RCP< const Basic > &arg, const RCP< const Symbol > &x, bool cache=true)
 Differentiation w.r.t symbols.
RCP< const Basic > SymEngine::sdiff (const RCP< const Basic > &arg, const RCP< const Basic > &x, bool cache)
 SymPy style differentiation for non-symbol variables.
Expression SymEngine::pow (const Expression &base, const Expression &exp)
Expression SymEngine::expand (const Expression &arg)
bool SymEngine::unified_eq (const Expression &a, const Expression &b)
int SymEngine::unified_compare (const Expression &a, const Expression &b)
std::string SymEngine::detail::poly_print (const Expression &x)

Detailed Description

Includes the Expression class

Definition in file expression.h.

Function Documentation

◆ poly_print()

std::string SymEngine::detail::poly_print ( const Expression x)

Definition at line 9 of file expression.cpp.

11 Precedence prec;
12 if (prec.getPrecedence(x.get_basic()) == PrecedenceEnum::Add) {
13 return "(" + x.get_basic()->__str__() + ")";
14 }
15 return x.get_basic()->__str__();